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Sheikh Abu Mansour the "American" Featured In Militant Somali Group's Video

(Shabab al Mujahedeen Movement )
The militant Islamist Somali group Shabab al Mujahedeen Movement has released a new video featuring a man identified as Sheikh Abu Mansour the "American," who was seen giving a study circle in fluent Arabic and English.

Abu Mansour was also seen talking to the group's media coordinator, as well as while giving orders to one of the operative to make a tactical retreat. Towards the end of the clip, a masked Shabab operative speaking English calls on the youth to "come and live the life of the mujahedeen."

The tape presents another propaganda strategy aimed at encouraging more Somalis to join the group.

The FBI is currently searching for a number of Somali men who lived in Minnesota, who are believed to have traveled to Somalia to join al Shabab.

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