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"She Wasn't There When I Woke Up"

The woman who was the last person to see a 5-year-old Florida girl before she vanished said she passed a lie detector test last week as police announced they have scaled back their search.

Misty Croslin, the 17-year-old girlfriend of the missing girl's father, told CBS' The Early Show in an exclusive interview said Haleigh Cummings was asleep just four feet away from her the night she disappeared. "She wasn't there when I woke up," Croslin said.

Croslin did not recall the questions she was asked in the lie detector test. "I passed it," she said bluntly.

Putnam County Sheriff's officials said they sent about 50 officers Monday to a wooded area that had not previously been searched after receiving a tip on Haleigh's disappearance, but nothing was found. That agency has since scaled back and will now search in strategic places if they receive tips, saying searching the same areas repeatedly is not feasible.

Volunteer group Texas EquuSearch suspended their efforts to find the little girl who disappeared last Tuesday.

Appearing alongside Croslin on The Early Show, Haleigh's grandmother, Theresa Nevis, said the family remained hopeful the little girl would be found. Asked to speculate who might take Haleigh, Nevis said it would likely be someone who knew that her son, Ronald Cummings, worked nights.

Also, Nevis again stated there is no way Haleigh would have wandered off on her own. "Absolutely not. My baby girl was afraid of the dark," she said.

Haleigh's parents are divorced. She was being watched by her father's 17-year-old girlfriend, Misty Croslin, when she vanished from his home.