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"She Makes Me Who I Am:" Medal of Honor Recipient Sal Giunta and His Wife Jenny

Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta and his wife Jenny talk about his first trip home, their lives together, and what the future might hold.

It can be one of the most painful parts of producing a "60 Minutes" story: leaving out elements that are really good. Correspondent Lara Logan and her producing team of Max McClellan and Jeff Newton had an embarrassment of riches after assembling their report on Sal Giunta.

Left unused were two compelling interviews: Sal and his wife Jenny, and a tour of the "Room of Honor" at the headquarters of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vincenza, Italy. Unused, that is, until this week's Correspondent Candid on "60 Minutes Overtime." In this video, hear Lara Logan tell Overtime editor Ann Silvio about Sal and Jenny's emotional moments in Italy.

Watch Lara Logan's full report.

A note from Lara Logan:

Lara Logan and her team, Max McClellan, Jeff Newton, Reuben Heyman-Kantor, Ray Bribiesca, Don Lee and Erik Kerchner, would like to respectfully remember those from Battle Company who died in the Korengal Valley during this deployment.

SGT Joshua Brennan, PFC Juan Restrepo, PFC Timothy Vimoto, SSG Larry Rougle, SFC Matthew Blaskowski, SPC Hugo Mendoza and HM3 Mark Cannon.

To these men, those who served with them and to their families back home.