Sharon Osbourne: Ozzy "a bit much" for the queen

Sharon Osbourne has the gift of royal gab.

Osbourne, co-host of CBS' "The Talk" and Special Royal Correspondent for "The Insider," has met the royal family. On "The Early Show" Thursday, she shared the inside scoop on the royals' personalities and what to expect for the big royal wedding.

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Co-anchor Erica Hill asked Osbourne, "What are the (royals) like? Are they sort of stuffy and very regal? Or can they let their hair down and have fun?"

"It depends," Osbourne responded. "The queen and Prince Philip are what you would imagine. They're very old-school, very traditional. But William and Harry and Camilla are not what you would think. You could have a real good laugh with them. They're very, very approachable people."

Hill asked if the royal family listens to the music of Sharon's husband, Ozzy Osbourne.

Osbourne said, "Well, Ozzy performed for the entire royal family on many occasions. Many occasions. I don't think the queen likes it too much. Because I think, after the last time he performed before her, she didn't say very much. So, I think it was a bit much for her."

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, I suppose," Hill said.

Osbourne also weighed in on the bride's possible fashion choice -- an unorthodox opinion, considering the widespread opinion that Kate will go with well-known designer Alexander McQueen for her gown.

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"I think that she will go pretty traditional," Osbourne said. "And I would like to think that she would go with a designer that's quite unknown. I think it would be lovely if she gave somebody starting off a great opportunity to design for her. I hope she does."

In other fashion news from the royal wedding, Osbourne said she'll be looking at the hats and fascinators at the big event.

She said, "The thing that a lot of women are wearing here now, you know, feathers coming up from ridiculous angles from the head. So they fascinate me. So I'll be looking for all the feathers."