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Sharing Family Photos Online

Oh! Just look at those pictures! Wouldn't Aunt Betty love to see these? In the digital age you can share those pictures right now. Some great web sites allow you to store pictures and share online albums for free. One of the most popular is called PhotoPoint VP Loretta Stagnitto…

PhotoPoint has almost a million members at this point and we host about ten million photos. So that gives you a really good idea about why photo sharing is so popular. According to Infotrends, which is a market research firm, sharing your photos online is the single most popular form of personal content on the Internet."
Get your pictures developed onto CD, scan them or use a digital camera. From there, getting them onto PhotoPoint is simple…

"Well if you can email, you can send your photos online."
One of PhotoPoint's big advantages is it doesn't limit how many pictures you can store on the site. Another site, called, launched by Intel, limits you to fifty megabytes of space…but has some fun features…letting you stitch photos together to create 360 degree panoramas….

"And it's also zoomable…it's also interactive, so you can control if it spins to the right or spins to the left."
Intel's E C Mueller. When it comes to pictures online…there's almost nothing negative to say. You can find links to the sites from Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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