Shaolin warriors demonstrate acrobatics in super slow-motion

(CBS News) Yesterday we took a look at the use of super slow-motion in reference to a bit of chaos and destruction. Today we're going to take a breath and slow things down a bit (okay, you know what I mean!) by turning our attention to... Shaolin Warriors demonstrating acrobatics! Get yourself ready for some amazing athletic feats shown in super slow-motion above.

The video comes courtesy of Earth Unplugged, who have been featured on The Feed many times now (and seem to have a direct dial to my heart with every submission they send my way), who write about their latest work focused on humans this time:

A human special this week on Slow Mo, as Sam and Si reveal what sets us apart from other primates, with some acrobatic help from the shaolin warriors. With limited time, and a new camera to play with, can they capture the lightning fast moves of the world's most successful animal?
Another insightful and educational video in their ongoing series primarily focused on animals, but whose exception has proven to be just as exception-al! (See what I did there?) And to check out more mesmerizing super slow-motion work from Earth Unplugged, be sure to see our previous posts with them by clicking here or you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.