Shanna Spalding Allegedly Confesses, Says She is Cat Woman - Also Burqa Woman

Shanna Spalding Allegedly Confesses, Says She is Cat Woman, also Burqa Woman
Shanna Spalding, AKA Cat Woman (Personal Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS) Shanna Spalding, aka Pugatory, aka Cat Woman, let the cat out of the bag Thursday, according to police, confessing to a string of heists, including one committed while wearing a cat mask.

PICTURES: Shanna Spalding is Catwoman Burglar?

Spalding was arraigned in a Manhattan courtroom Thursday on two counts of robbery. Prosecutors say she robbed at least two Manhattan boutiques, including one where police say she aroused their suspicions when she showed up in a burqa and sunglasses on a rainy day, the New York Post reported.

Sounds like an emo rock song, not the death-metal fare she is not-quite-known for.

Sources told the paper that she also confessed to two heists, in addition to the two she was arraigned for.

Police say that Spalding told them she was "drunk" the day she allegedly held up a Nine West in Queens in April while wearing a cat mask. She also told the cops that she was forced to commit her feline crimes by an unnamed man, the paper reported.

(Editor's note: Please let it be a guy in a penguin mask, please!)

Spalding is the lead singer in a death metal band Divine Infamy, and goes by the stage name Purgatory. She was scheduled to play at Deathfest 2010 Friday in Brooklyn, along with bandmates Lord Draconova, Genghis Khan and Ruin, according to the Post.

Don't know about the divine part, but Spalding is certainly enjoying some amount of infamy.


August 26, 2010 - Shanna Spalding is Cat Woman? NYPD Arrest Alleged Masked Serial Burglar