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Sexy Summertime 'Dos

It's a sad but true fact: most women have the worst trouble styling - and maintaining – their hair in the summertime. No woman wants to spend an hour each morning trying to make her hair look great, and with soaring humidity levels, sun and chlorine damage to hair, chances are what looked great in your bathroom mirror will look like straw once you walk outside.

So what's a girl to do? On Monday, The Early Show's stylist to the stars, David Evangelista has three different, easy-to-maintain looks for the summer.

LOOK 1: Lighten Up!

The coal-black hair that looked so fabulous against your snow white skin in the winter just doesn't fly in the summertime. Summer is all about going lighter with a more sun-kissed look that makes you glow. Evangelista suggest weaving caramel-colored highlights throughout dark hair to breaking up the dense black color. He advises using a complimenting makeup as well.

LOOK 2: Straight No More

It sounds ridiculous, but thousands of women with curly locks wake up every morning to straighten their ringlets...only to walk outside 10 minutes later, get hit with humidity, and frizz up. If you are "tied to the flat iron," Evangelista says with the right cut, you don't have to be afraid of your curls.

LOOK 3: Summer Shear

When it's really steamy outside, the last thing you want is a mane of thick hair hanging down your neck. Evangelista's solution: lose it! Get a messy short 'do a la Mandy Moore, and change your hair color.