Sexy Santaland Puts a New Twist on Holiday Cheer

ADDISON, Texas (CBS/KTXA) Ok, we admit that this story isn't really a crime, but hey it's Christmas and we thought it was fun.

This isn't your Grandma's Santa Claus.

For those tired of sending out the same old picture greeting cards every Christmas, Sexy Santa and the Peppermint Patties have a plan.

A new service in Addison, Texas called "Sexy Santaland" opened in December and is hoping to spice up the holidays.

For $15 to $25 customers can get their picture taken with sassy elves or a hunky Santa.

The Santas say it's a way to put some "ooh la la" into everyone's "fa la la." But will North Texans take kindly to the sexing up of Santa?

"We don't have a lot of families with children walking through this project. So we thought we could do something a little different, keep it festive and light hearted, but bring a little PG-13 into it" said Village on the Parkway Mall spokesperson Kristie Klepper to CBS affiliate KTXA.


Klepper adds "Malls right now are challenged with the economy as it is. We thought we might do something different and unique to draw some traffic to our center get some publicity and bring in some additional income."

Local reactions to Sexy Santa and his hot helpers have been mixed.

"Ick, ick, ick," said a mother of two. "I don't know it just doesn't appeal to me."

"I think it's a great idea. And I think that there are a lot of people who are married that do those naughty Santa things anyways behind closed doors," said a college student.

Klepper believes it's a way for a mall that has a lot businesses geared for adult fun like night clubs and restaurants to bring in more folks.

Story Contributed by CBS Affiliate KTXA..