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Sex Scandal Teacher Turns Tables?

Former Christian Brothers Academy high school teacher Sandra "Beth" Geisel, who is 42 and the mother of four, has been charged with raping a 16-year-old male student twice in May, once in her home in the Albany, N.Y., suburb of Colonie, and a second time in the press box on the CBA football field. She faces additional charges for a third alleged tryst with the boy.


Judy Sanders of CBS affiliate WRGB in Albany, Geisel's lawyer is claiming his client is the victim.

On WROW radio in Albany, Don Kinsella said she's considering suing her accuser: "In this particular situation, there could be some factors involved in the relationship. And it's possible the 16-year-old may have some criminal responsibility in connection with this matter. ...There are some factors here … where a reasonable person might think she was taken advantage of."Kinsella says Geisel's version of events is different from the accuser's.

He says, when Geisel had sex with the boy at her home, she was too drunk to give her consent, so she couldn't have raped him.

District Attorney David Soares disagrees: "In my mind, she's not the victim. In my mind, the victims are the very young, impressionable men."

CBA fired Geisel on June 10, says Sanders, after she was caught having sex in a car with a 17-year-old student.

CBA's attorney defends the school's decision not to notify parents until a month later. Says Mae D'Agostino: "It wasn't because they wanted to hide anything. It was out of respect for the students who had to finish the year, and take examinations."

Soares says he's now willing to consider a plea in the latest case, rather than requiring the teens to testify.

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