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Sex Ed 2.0

Cynthia Bowers is a CBS News correspondent based in Chicago.
Midwest Teen Sex Show is meant to shock — and I was shocked by the blunt, breezy talk about teenage sex.

The podcast takes a subject most parents aren't real comfortable with and makes it "just another" part of growing up.

The three-to-five minute show tackles masturbation, homosexuality, and even changing in the locker room.

It doesn't suggest teenage sex is OK, in fact, the show's straight-faced narrator Nikol Hasler reminds viewers that there's nothing wrong with saying no. But what she does say is that there's nothing easy about being prepared – or slutty about carrying protection.

And in a country where despite all the warnings and the easy availability of contraceptives the number of teens having babies is on the rise, that one message may be the one that needs to get out.

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