Sex, Church and the BlackBerry: @katiecouric with "Hamlet's BlackBerry" Author William Powers


by Clifden Kennedy and Erica Anderson

Today was quite a day on the set of @katiecouric. 

"To unplug or not to unplug," was the question put forth to "Hamlet's BlackBerry," author William Powers. 

Have you ever felt tempted to answer your BlackBerry at church?  What about during sex?  If so, then  you'll want to check out this clip. 

Ever thought about an "Internet Sabbath?"  The Powers family does it.

We askedfriends of @katiecouric, "what's your digital philosophy?"

We had a myriad of answers from Facebook and Twitter, including one from the editor of "The Nation."  You can find her response, here. 

And what about that book title? Did you know that Shakespeare's "Hamlet" carried around a portable device?  No? Powers will explain that to you.