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"Sex And The City 2": The Men

"The Early Show" began its weeklong celebration Monday of "Sex And The City 2,", the eagerly-anticipated sequel to the sizzling "Sex And The City," itself a big-screen continuation of the hit TV series of the same name.

On-hand to chat with co-anchor Julie Chen were some of the actors who play the men who make the ladies smile, swoon and cry in "SATC2."

Mario Cantone plays Charlotte's best friend Anthony, and Evan Handler is her husband, Harry. David Eigenberg portrays Miranda's husband, Steve. Jason Lewis is Samatha's ex-boyfriend, Smith. And Max Ryan plays Rikard, the new object of Samantha's affection.

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During the interview, they all joked around constantly with each other, "like schoolboys," as Chen put it. And she pressed them for plot lines.

She also asked what being in the film means to them.

"It's meant that I have a career and a life and that I'm international now," Cantone replied.

In telling how he decided to accept his role, Eigenberg said the lady in his real life, his wife, pushed him. "I was like, 'Forget these people. They're not gonna give me what I want," ' he said. "And then my wife said, 'You shut up and you do it for the people.' And I said, 'I love you and I'll do it,' and I did it. And I'm very happy I did."

Handler responded that, "I just embarrass myself everywhere I go, so it gave me further opportunities to embarrass myself."

Chen remarked to Ryan, "Just sit there and smile. You're so good looking!"

"Sex And The City 2" debuts Thursday.

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