"Sewer geyser" in Montreal lifts car up in the air, wreaks havoc on vehicle

(CBS) - "No Parking" signs. They can be the bane of so many drivers trying to run a quick errand or find a place to put their car overnight. But sometimes those "No Parking" signs are there for a reason. Say, for instance, one that dictates there is a sewer geyser that runs out of it during specific times.

Things go from bad to worse at about 35 seconds into the clip - watch and see!

So of the course the "No Parking" sign is just a little bit of tongue-in-cheek (there are no sewer geyser warnings to my knowledge). But, wow, did this person ever pick a bad spot to park their car!

The incident allegedly took place in Montreal after a series of storms had occurred and one would hope that the poor owner of that car has insurance.