Flood warnings issued in 3 states as rivers rise across Southern Plains

Neighbors helping one another amid flooding

Rivers are rising across portions of the Southern Plains after severe storms pounded the region. Flooding is the real danger now, but storms could bring another round of severe weather, including tornadoes, tomorrow.

Flood warnings are in place across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, where heavy rain was a factor in a deadly crash.

In Skiatook, Oklahoma, flooding forced some residents out of their homes. 


"Our house has flooded before, but it's never gotten into my whole house," Skiatook resident Terri Pittman told "CBS This Morning" lead national correspondent David Begnaud. Pittman, who lives three miles from Bird Creek, escaped with her dog Apollo after at least 8 feet of water filled her home.

"Our house is 3 levels," Pittman said. "When it floods it gets in the first level [...] It was like a foot in the third level today."

"CBS This Morning" took a ride on one of the three airboats making the rounds looking for people to help. From the sky, it was clear just how far the floodwaters reached into rural communities, and how far its members were going to help each other. 

"This is awesome," one man said. "All these high schoolers, I mean this little elementary kid is in here."  

Avant Fire Department

Skiatook's volunteer fighters were helping rescue others, even while their own fire house is knee deep with water. The assistant chief said that the fire department doesn't have the money to replace everything they lost.

The storm also spawned tornadoes across the Plains. Suspected twisters in Oklahoma and Missouri damaged multiple buildings yesterday.