Seven Surefire Ways to Fight Bed Bugs

Freaking out over bedbugs? We asked the experts how to keep the bedbugs at bay. <br><br>Here are <a style="font-weight: bold;" href="">7 Surefire Ways to Beat Bedbugs</a>
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Will you let bedbugs hitchhike on you? (istockphoto)

(CBS) Bedbugs are back and badder than ever.

Although the nasty bloodsucking pests were largely eradicated through the use of DDT in the 1940's - they are beginning to rear their ugly heads again and are infesting people's workplaces, hotels and homes.

From sightings in fancy five-star hotels to movie theatres to clothing stores - seemingly no place is safe.

Worse, since bedbugs like to hitchhike, if you visit a place with bedbugs you might wind up bringing them home.

So, CBS News asked a group of extermination experts for the ins and outs of handling these bloodsucking mini-monsters and hopefully keeping them out of your life.

Here's what they had to say.