Serial killer Israel Keyes researched mass murderers, Aka. investigators say

Israel Keyes
Alaska Police Department
Israel Keyes
Alaska Police Department

(CBS/AP) ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Investigators said Monday that Israel Keyes, the Alaska man who confessed to killing Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig and at least seven other people across the country, had researched Ted Bundy and other serial killers.

Pictures: Man charged in Alaska barista's death kills self, cops say

But Keyes, who told Anchorage authorities his ideaiming he recognized himself in them, Anchorage homicide Detective Monique Doll said.

"In fact, that was one of those things that he wanted very much, as this investigation progressed, to keep from being identified as," she said.

Those details were among information Anchorage police and FBI investigators released Monday about Keyes, 34, who was found dead in his jail cell Dec. 2 after slitting a wrist and strangling himself with a rolled up bedsheet.

Keyes was scheduled for a March trial in the February 2011 slaying of Koenig, who was abducted from the coffee stand where she worked. Investigators say the 18-year-old was raped and strangled, her body left in a shed outside Keyes' Anchorage home for two weeks while he went on a cruise.

Investigators said Monday that Keyes told them he was losing control and that his time between killings was getting shorter, which might explain why he broke his own rule of traveling long distances to find his targets.

"Israel Keyes didn't kidnap and kill people because he was crazy. He didn't kidnap and kill people because his deity told him to or because he had a bad childhood," Doll said. "Israel Keyes did this because he got an immense amount of enjoyment out of it, much like an addict gets an immense amount of enjoyment out of drugs. In a way, he was an addict, and he was addicted to the feeling that he got when he was doing this."

Keyes confessed to killing Koeing as well as to two murders in Vermont, four in Washington state, and one on the East Coast in the past decade. Investigators said there also could be three other victims, for a total of 11 murders.

The only other known victims are Bill and Lorraine Currier of Essex, Vt. Their bodies have not been found since their disappearance in June 2011. Keyes told authorities he sexually assaulted and strangled Lorraine Currier and shot her husband at an abandoned home, which was demolished and taken to a landfill.

Keyes told investigators the first violent crime he committed was a sexual assault in Oregon between 1996 and 1998 in which he let the victim go. The FBI is seeking more information on that crime.

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