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Serbia Expels Foreign Journalists

The Serbs have kicked all foreign journalists out of Yugoslavia.

The journalists barred include CBS News Correspondents Allen Pizzey, Mark Phillips and Kimberly Dozier.

Government officials have ordered all reporters from countries involved in NATO air attacks against Yugoslavia expelled immediately.

A statement faxed to The Associated Press accuses the foreign media of misinformation.

It says the expulsion order was issued because the journalists, through their reporting, have strengthened the "aggressive acts" of NATO forces aimed at the "violent destruction" of Serbia and Yugoslavia.

Foreign journalists covering the air attacks, including Pizzey, Phillips and Dozier, reported tense encounters with Serb police.

Phillips was forced from his hotel room early Thursday morning.

"Someone identifying themselves as room service, which I hadn't ordered, turned out to be two leather-jacketed, pistol-carrying members of the Serb secret police," Phillips said. "They took me and one other reporter, from the Washington Post, down to police headquarters. They isolated us for the next 10 hours, quizzing us individually, trying to find out who our contacts were, trying to find out who we were working with. A severe, not physical, but a severe bit of at least psychological intimidation."

"Armed police came into the hotel where the press is," Pizzey reported overnight Wednesday, before the official order of expulsion. "They went through all of the rooms. A couple of journalists were told they were being expelled. An official was brought along for the purpose. The rest of us were told: 'Don't use your telephones, don't take any pictures'."

Dozier related an incident in which one journalist "was approached by a man who handed him two bullets and said, 'One of these is for you, and the other is for your friend.' It's that sort of incident that has the journalists worried that the Serbs will take out their frustrations, their anger, on us."