Sequester cuts grounding Navy's Blue Angels

In this photo provided by the Florida Keys News Bureau, the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels perform their precision aerobatics over the Florida Keys during the Southernmost Air Spectacular at Naval Air Station Key West Saturday, March 23, 2013, in Key West, Fla. The weekend air show concludes Sunday, March 24, and may mark the the last Blue Angels performance through the end of September 2013 due to sequester budget cuts. (AP Photo/Florida Keys News Bureau, Rob O'Neal)
Rob O'Neal

PENSACOLA NAVAL AIR STATION, Fla. Daredevil Navy pilots have fallen victim to Washington's daredevil budget negotiators.

The Blue Angels, the Navy's elite precision flight demonstration team has canceled more appearances at forthcoming air shows owing to the sequester's cuts in the federal budget.

According to the Department of Defense, canceling the Blue Angels' air shows over the next six months will save $20 million of the $4 billion the Pentagon must cut from the Navy's budget.

On Wednesday morning approximately 8,000 fans and photographers braved the cold outside the National Museum of Naval Aviation, at Naval Air Station Pensacola, to watch what may be the next-to-last practice of the Blue Angels for the indefinite future.

"The team, we're just trying to stay mission-focused right now," Lt. Katie Kelly told CBS Affiliate WKRG. "We're practicing this week and making sure we're putting on a safe demo."

The team's last air show appearance was last weekend's Southernmost Air Spectacular in Key West, Fla.