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Scott Pelley on the courage of the FDNY, 20 years after 9/11

Scott Pelley on the courage of the FDNY
Scott Pelley on the courage of the FDNY 01:11

We cannot do justice, in this hour, or any number of hours to the sacrifices of the FDNY, the New York City Police Department, the Port Authority Police, and to those who fought to save lives at the Pentagon, and on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. 

At the Trade Center, 2,753 people perished. But there were more than 17,000 in the towers and 99% of those below the fires survived. 

That morning, a witness watched firefighters rush to the stairwells and wondered how they found the courage. 

After 20 years of reflection, it's clear.

They climbed to rise.

To rise to the cries 1000 feet above them. 

To rise to the defense of the firefighter beside them. 

To rise beyond duty to a place of selfless devotion.

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