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Seniors' Sexy Calendar

For the last seven years, the folks at Royal Palm Retirement Centre have posed for, shall we say, rather unorthodox calendars to raise money for a residents fund. What started as a novelty has become a much bigger deal - and far more important to the residents than anyone could have fathomed 87 months ago.

Karen Hallenbeck, director of the center says, "A lot of people know about the calendar. We've actually had people come into the building, go on a tour, and tell my marketing director, 'We're not moving in unless you promise us we can be in the calendar.'"

And for residents like 86-year-old Mildred Decker, posing for the calendar is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Decker says, "When I was a very young woman, I wanted to be an actress. So here was my moment to be an actress, telling me to pose this way and that way, and it worked."

For others, like the calendar's oldest model - 102-year-old Bill Weigand - posing was no big deal.

It is something he might well have done when he was younger he tells The Early Show's Dave Price. For as he describes himself, he was "crazier than a bedbug when I was that age."

So he kept the streak going into his 100s. As for his body type, he says, "Muscle, I got muscle."


"Yeah. I sit on them," he jokes, saying Schwarzennager and Stallone have nothing on him.

No matter why they posed, all the models agree on one thing: It made them feel good. Eighty-seven-year-old Doris Sabo has posed in every calendar so far.

The first time they said to Doris, "Why don't you go out on the street and you wear nothing but a piece of tin foil." She says "I loved it," with a big laugh and exlclaims, "Because it was sexy looking. Doing this makes you feel good. It really does. It gives you life, something to live for."

And for some, like 87-year-old Keith Halford, doing the calendar has led to a sort of acceptance of life and self.

He says, "I get emotional. You don't go forever in this world and I don't expect to. There's a lot of enjoyment just being here."

Enjoyment of each other and of life in general.

Doris Sabo says, "I love my life. I just love it. We live from day to day. I don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. And I don't know what tonight's going to bring, so we live from day to day. None of us feels old. We know we're getting old, but we don't feel it."

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