Senior AQIM Leader Sacked For Opposing Suicide Attacks

Ennahar Al Jadid:
The commander in chief of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) Abu Mus'ab Abdel Wadud has dismissed a senior group leader and head of the religious committee, Rashid Zeramy, after expressing his opposition to the suicide attacks undertaken by the group in Algeria, according to a report in the Algerian Daily Al Nahar al Jadid. Zeramy, who is known Abul Hassan Al Rashid, had been in charge of the religious committee tasked with issuing the edicts that allowed for the suicide operations that took place in Algeria since 2007.
On another front, Algerian authorities have decided to scrap all legal proceedings against newly recruited young militants firmly willing to lay down arms and relinquish terrorist violence to benefit from the clemency measures enshrined in the National Charter of peace and National Reconciliation.
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