Senator Rubio talks Medicare reform and touts Romney's modesty

(CBS News) Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday to talk with Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. 

Rubio touched on the hotly debated Republican plans to reform Medicare before talking about Republican efforts to humanize candidate Mitt Romney, who he calls "a naturally modest person, who doesn't like to brag about himself."

But first, Rubio came out strongly in defense of the Republican plan for Medicare.

"People in my generation have to acept that if we want those programs to look the same for our parents and grandparents and also survive for our generation, we have to accept that Medicare, for example, will look different for us."

Soon after, Rubio reassured, "There is way to fix Medicare that doesn't change it at all for those people who are on Medicare or about to enter it."

While many are up in arms about the changes proposed by the GOP, Rubio believes American can adapt to necessary changes, or what some call "hard truths."

"I'm not sure how hard those truths are, those are truths. And Americans have always been able to face the realities of the moment and confront them and solve them," he said before adding that Republicans remain hopeful that changes can be effectively implemented.

"The good news: Republicans are offering solutions. The bad news is the Democrats are only offering talking points."

Rubio also looked ahead to Paul Ryan's speech at the RNC, scheduled for Wednesday night.

"We're gonna get a policy speech that is also inspiring...this is a guy who is in politics for the right reasons," he said of Ryan before adding, "At this time tomorrow he's going to have a bunch of new fans across the country."

To watch Rubio's full "CBS This Morning" interview, click on the video above.