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Senate Leaders React

The Democratic leader in the Senate is declaring his support for NATO air strikes in Yugoslavia.

Rallying to President Clinton's side, Senator Tom Daschle says he "fully supports" the president's decision to move ahead with bombings against Serbia.

In a written statement, Daschle says, "instability in the Balkans threatens US national interests."

Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott has not offered support for the president's policy. Instead, Lott issued a statement in support of the troops involved in the attack.

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Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley also released a statement saying he supports the American and NATO troops who are in danger overseas. However, Bradley also refused to endorse President Clinton's Kosovo policy.

"I have serious doubts about our policy," he said. "We are escalating our commitment without establishing a clear exit strategy. As with Bosnia, we run the risk of becoming bogged down in a quagmire whose end we cannot predict or control."

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