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Senate Committee Approves Geithner For Treasury

4743150Despite his initial failure to pay tens of thousands of dollars in personal taxes, the Senate Finance Committee has approved the nomination of treasury secretary designate Timothy Geithner by an 18 to 5 vote.

His nomination will now go to the full Senate, where it is expected to pass easily.

"This vote to approve Tim Geithner's nomination is a good first step toward solving the economic challenges America faces today," said committee chair Max Baucus. "Mr. Geithner has a big job to do and he needs to get up and running as soon as possible."

The five senators who voted against Geithner were all Republicans: Chuck Grassley, John Kyl, Jim Bunning, Pat Roberts, and Mike Enzi. Five other Republicans and all of the committee's Democrats backed Geithner.

"I am disappointed that we are even voting on this," Enzi told the Associated Press. "In previous years, nominees who made less serious errors in their taxes than this nominee have been forced to withdraw."

Geithner apologized for the "careless mistakes" on his taxes during committee hearings. If confirmed he will play a major role in the Obama administration's efforts to stimulate the struggling U.S. economy.

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