Seller of Times Square Bomber SUV Reviewing Surveillance Tapes

CBS News has learned investigators have interviewed the last registered owner of the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder that was used in the bomb plot. 

The seller is reviewing surveillance tapes with detectives.

CBS News confirmed the last known owner sold the car on Craigslist.

CBS News spoke to the family of the seller who said they have been cooperating with detectives and answered questions yesterday for three hours. The seller was also asked to watch surveillance video with detectives until 10pm Sunday night. The seller and a sibling both met the man who bought the SUV that was used in the Times Square attack and the family says the sale happened two weeks ago.

The seller was asked to come and meet with detectives to review more surveillance video on Monday. 

A source also tells CBS News that investigators are looking at a possible suspect, a Pakistani-American, in the botched Times Square car-bombing incident.

The source said forensic evidence uncovered in the vehicle led them to a Middle Eastern man's name that was familiar to counter-terrorism investigators.

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