"Selfie suspect": Intruder takes picture on homeowner's phone

The selfie that an unknown suspect took on a Denver woman's phone after breaking into her home on Jan. 29.
CBS Denver, Denver Police Department

DENVER – Police are searching for a man who left a woman traumatized after apparently breaking into her home and taking a selfie on her cell phone, reports CBS Denver.

The unidentified victim told police she was unaware that the man had been inside her home while she was there. Only after checking her cell phone did she realize what had occurred.

Police said that at approximately 9:20 p.m. on Jan. 29, an unknown man entered the home of a Denver woman while she was putting her children to bed. While inside, the man used the woman’s cell phone to take a picture of himself, according to authorities.

Police said the man came into the home through the back door, took the picture and left without taking anything.

Neighbor Richard Gardner believed he recognized the man from the selfie. “Everybody says they didn’t see him but he looks familiar to me,” he said. “He doesn’t have glasses when you normally see him walking down the street. Maybe they’re a disguise. I don’t know.”

Gardner did believe that the suspect’s facial hair – visible in the selfie – was genuine. He said a nearby park has the reputation of attracting odd personalities.

“We don’t take the kids up there,” Gardner said. “There’s just too many strange people up there anymore.”

According to the victim’s husband, the suspect only took the one suspicious picture.