"Seinfeldcast": A "Seinfeld"-themed sports report

(CBS News) A decade and a half after its finale, "Seinfeld" -- the hit comedy about nothing -- is still making the news. Sports anchor Adam Lefkoe of WHAS 11 of Louisville, Ky., did a "Seinfeldcast" sports report in which he made over 40 references to the show. Not that there's anything wrong with that, in fact there's tons right with this broadcast. Check out the video above and watch this touchdown of a tribute to the show.

From obvious and well-known references like "serenity now" and the infamous "Bubble Boy," to more obscure ones like "Beef-a-reeno," and "take the pen," Lefkoe seems to have gotten a good chunk of the funniest inside jokes from the hit comedy. In his YouTube post, he opens the vault on how he did it:

The September 8th edition of #Sportscast focused on Seinfeld-isms. Using Twitter to crowd-source moments from the iconic show, I squeezed in 41 classic mentions in just a few minutes. (Make sure to read the graphics!) Enjoy.

Pretty impressive, right? I'd say it was definitely worthy of a celebratory "Elaine" dance. How many classic "Seinfeld" references did you catch on your first viewing? What's your all-time favorite?