Seeing Nicholas Sparks

(CBS/Lauren Donohue)
Just before our interview, author Nicholas Sparks and I were laughing about how most of the year he is just another guy at home in North Carolina. But when he goes out on book tours he gets mobbed. Maybe it's a combo of his rural family life and his spirituality that keeps him so grounded. That is one of the things I like so much about him.

My pal Nicholas Sparks stopped by the show this week to chat about his new book, "The Choice," which is destined to hit No. 1 on the best seller list -- like all of his others. Nick and I got to be friends because we are both graduates of the University of Notre Dame. Not only do we commiserate over their football struggles, but we also volunteer a lot of time and effort on behalf of our alma mater.

I really got to know Nicholas better when I interviewed him for my book, Notre Dame Inspirations." What I find really inspiring about him is the level of commitment he has to others in both his family and his community. Nicholas lives in rural North Carolina and is an incredibly busy guy. He is a father of five, coaches a state championship track team, built and runs a school, works out like a fiend and is renovating his house. Oh yeah, and besides all of that he has managed to become the third best-selling author in the world! He always makes time to be a real friend and stay in touch.

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