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"Seeing eye camel" serves as guide for blind horse

WINSLOW, Maine -- A horse and a camel at a Maine petting zoo have formed an unlikely friendship: Caesar, a 5-year-old camel, has become a guide for Dolly the horse, who is blind. 

“She’s probably the only horse that has a Seeing Eye camel,” said the zoo’s Ed Papsis, CBS Portland affiliate WGME reported.

Papsis said Caesar needed the company of another animal and Dolly needed a guide.

“We put the horse in there and she just kind of bonded with him and he bonded with her,” Papsis said.  

Dolly relies on the camel -- both of them at the traveling Pony X-Press petting zoo in Maine -- and follows him around. She whinnys for him if he’s not nearby and he bellows back for her. 

horse and camel

HEARTWARMING: It's an unlikely friendship at a zoo right here in Maine, a horse and her Seeing Eye camel. STORY:

Posted by WGME CBS 13 News, Portland on Wednesday, December 7, 2016