See Korn's 12-year-old bassist make debut

Korn’s band 12-year-old Tye Trujillo, son of Metallica’s bassist Robert Trujillo performs in Bogota on April 17, 2017.

Raul Arboleda/AFP/Getty Images

The new 12-year-old bassist for Korn made his debut with the band on Monday for their Bogota show. 

Tye Trujillo’s new gig for Korn is only temporary -- till May 6 -- but it’s still a pretty amazing role for a pre-teen. A new video shows Trujillo focusing and rocking out with ease, as if he’s used to playing in front of thousands of people. 

Trujillo is subbing in for Korn’s current bassist, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, who had to skip out on the South American leg of the tour, but fans probably won’t be too disappointed to see the talented young musician shredding on the bass. 

Concertgoers who also love Metallica will be excited, too, as Trujillo is the son of Robert Trujillo, bassist for Metallica. 

Those who are intrigued by the young bassist can follow his own band, the Helmets. 

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