Secrets to Successful Swaddlling

Swaddling an infant has been around seemingly forever, but learning how can be tough for new parents.

On the web show "Eye on Parenting," Raegan Moya-Jones, author of "Swaddle Love," showed CNET Senior Editor, "Early Show" contributor and new mommy Natali Morris how to swaddle a baby.

Morris admitted she had trouble with it when she tried it for her three-month-old son.

"It's not hard," Moya-Jones assured Morris. "It's just about getting used to it. ... I think the key is actually having the right thing to swaddle with. And a lot of receiving blankets are small and therefore not ideal for swaddling."

"When you've never done it before," Moya-Jones reiterated, "it can be very daunting. But once you get the hang of it, you realize it really is just a matter of three or four folds, and you're good to go."

Why swaddle?

"Although it can't be proven," Moya-Jones explained, "it's believed that what it does is emulate being back in the womb, because there's not much room in there. So, when you wrap them up in a swaddle, they're nice and tight and secure, and it makes them feel comfortable and, as I said, emulates being back in the womb."

Moya-Jones demonstrated the right techniques, and explained why daddies are better swaddlers than mommies: