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Secrets Of Stonehenge Unlocked?

For centuries, man has speculated about the ring of giant stones on Salisbury Plain in England known as Stonehenge.

Who built it? Why? How did they get the stones there to begin with?

Theories have ranged from Stonehenge being a clock, to a calendar, even a sacrificial altar.

The Druids and Greeks have been mentioned as possible builders. Then again, so have aliens from UFOs, and Atlanteans.

But a new excavation at the site, led by Britain's Falmouth University, has led to yet another theory. Now, archeologists at Stonehenge, such as Andrew Fitzpatrick of Wessex Archoelogy, say the 4,000-plus-year-old wonder may actually have been -- a place of healing.

On The Early Show Thursday, Fitzpatrick explained how that conclusion was reached.

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