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Secret Sex Lives of Men: Health Survey Shocks Senses

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(CBS) How much do you know about the private habits and inner thoughts of the American man?

Not as much as you might have assumed, a new survey of men's attitudes towards sex, relationships and life suggests.

The survey, conducted by, found that half of men said they would punch a colleague in the face if they could get away with it. And one in three said they had been sexually harassed at work - though 24 percent said it didn't bother them.

But the most surprising results had to with men's attitudes toward sex and relationships, so we asked sex and relationship counselor Dr. Ian Kerner to weigh in on the responses.


22 percent said they would be very or somewhat likely to cheat on their partners if there was no chance they would get caught. That seems like sort of a low number, considering what Kerner says about the male brain. "For men desire is very easily triggered - it can be as simple as walking down the street and seeing an attractive woman. And men are able to easily compartmentalize. If they are not going to be caught, some might say, hey, I can have sex with no emotional strings and then go home and love my wife."


21 percent said they would track their partner's physical movement with a GPS implant. "We live in a culture where, for example, with Facebook, Twitter, location-based apps for the iPhone, I know where my wife is most of the time," says Kerner. "We can walk into a restaurant and know if any of our friends are there." In other words, the man who wishes he could implant his female with a chip could, in fact, be scary, or he could simply be a product of his need-to-know-now environment.


54 percent said they were satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their sex life - though 22 percent said they had no sex life.

Of those having sex, men had some eye awakening opinions.

69 percent said they would take a male birth control pill, if one were available. Kerner finds this unsurprising. "A lot of guys really worry about this. Especially the younger men that appeals to. If they are drinking, forgetting condoms - some men spend a lot of time thinking about that possibility."

32 percent said they had faked an orgasm. This one surpised us the most. "That number is a little surprising," Kerner admits, "but you have to consider how many men are taking antidepressants and other meds that affect sexual performance. They fake for the same reasons women do - they want to prolong the act , don't want to hurt her feelings."

Want to find out the rest? It's at AskMen's Great Male Survey 2010.

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