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Second Issue of American Pro-Al Qaeda Magazine Out

(Al Fursan Media)
The second issue of an English online magazine was released by Al Fursan Media. The 74-page publication, called Jihad Recollections, included articles on politics, the economy, religions, biographies, strategies and social, technological and health issues.

In addition to light features, like one on the latest mobile phones, it included an English version of all al Qaeda and other militant groups' propaganda released on the Internet.

This issues' main story was entitled "Obamaturk: The Secular Phenomenon" and dealt with U.S. President Barack Obama's speech before the Turkish Parliament last month. It compared the U.S. president to the founder of modern Turkey Kemal Ataturk, who according to the author, "dismantled the greatest nation God has ever let exist on earth."

There were also articles on the latest tape by Adam Ghadan, western reactions to the appearance of Abu Mansour al Amrki in Somali militants' video, tributes to the "architect of global jihad" Abu Mus'ab al Suri and al Qaeda figure Abu Laith al Libi.

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