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Second Cup: James Morrison

For British singer/songwriter James Morrison, getting the whooping cough as a child - which can be deadly - wound up being a blessing in disguise.

The 24-year-old may humbly credit his husky, soulful voice to a sickness, but listening to his songs, it's hard to ignore his emotional delivery, which helped make him Britain's Male Soloist of the Year in 2007.

His blend of R&B, pop and soul is turning heads and wowing critics.

Morrison stopped by The Early Show Saturday Edition's "Second Cup Cafe" to sing songs from his latest album, "Songs for You, Truths For Me."

He admits that, despite feeling fulfilled on stage, he felt alone when he wasn't behind the mic, yearning to be near his friends, family and longtime girlfriend, Gill, who inspired many of his love songs.

The homesickness and heartbreak eventually ran its course when he returned to his roots, which inspired him to make music in the first place.

"Just go for what you're feeling at the time," he says on his official Web site. "That's how I worked on the first album, and in a way, I think that's some of the reason why people liked it. It wasn't trying too hard."

Morrison's debut album, "Undiscovered," went to No.1 in Britain, Top 20 in America and sold over two million copies worldwide, and he became the top-selling British male solo artist of 2006.

"Undiscovered" was such a success that it produced five hit singles: "You Give Me Something," "Wonderful World," "The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore," "Undiscovered" and "One Last Chance."

The talented Brit has also collaborated with Nellie Furtado and Jason Mraz.

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