Second Cup CafSecond Cup Café: Enya

Enya has become an international superstar, selling 70 million records, and captivating fans with her unique, New Age music.

She has won two Grammy Awards and an Oscar. Her latest release, "Amarantine," which arrived in stores last November, has already gone platinum.

Enya joins The Saturday Early Show in a rare television appearance this week, singing the title track from her new CD.

The Irish-born singer has become known for her atmospheric sound, which, though clearly related to Irish music, also departs from it in unique ways.

On "Amarantine," Enya sings in "Loxian," an invented language, an idea which apparently sprang from her singing in Elfish in "The Lord of the Rings."

To hear "Amarantine" now, click here

For more information about Enya and her music, check out her official Web site.