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Second Cup Cafe: Yanni

Pianist/composer Yanni has charmed the world with his music for decades.

His impressive compositions evoke emotion and passion, and can shake an arena full of thousands to its core.

Now, he's putting voices to his music for the first time, with a mixture of languages, fresh beats and soothing sounds, showing love for all cultures.

Yanni returns to the stage after four years with a new album, "Yanni Voices." He stopped by The Early Show Saturday Edition's "Second Cup Cafe," to share some of his latest songs.

"Yanni Voices" features vocal sensations Nathan Pacheco, Leslie Mills, Chloe and Ender Thomas, as well as a bonus album featuring Jose Feliciano and Luicano, among others.

Pacheco performed "Enchantment," with Yanni at the keyboard, on the Second Cup stage. Chloe joined the two for an encore, "In The Mirror."

Originally from Greece, the self-taught pianist has sold more than 25 million albums and has generated 35 platinum and gold records across the globe. His compositions have been aired on all Olympic Games television broadcasts since 1988.

Yanni came to the U.S. to study psychology at the University of Minnesota and later discovered his love of music. Without formal training, he joined a rock band and played the keyboard.

He moved to California to pursue movie soundtrack work, and started a small band with John Tesh and long-time bandmate, Charlie Adams.

Over time, his instrumental albums became very successful and he began to tour. Yanni then rose to international superstardom and put a whole new spin on performing.

He has also become one of the biggest fundraisers for public television, and has appeared on numerous PBS pledge drive Specials.

Yanni kicks off a North American tour this April.

"Expect the unexpected," Yanni said on his official Web site.