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Second Cup Cafe: The Voca People

They became an Internet smash hit, with almost 4 million views in three months. You could say their music is literally out of this world.

They are The Voca People, and they joined "The Early Show Saturday Edition"'s "Second Cup Cafe" live from Tel Aviv.

Known for their famous performance, "The History of Music in Three Minutes," the Voca people are made up of eight actors/musicians who take a capella and modern-day beat-boxing to a whole new level. They also have some serious dance moves (including Michael Jackson's moonwalk).

The group has a great sense of humor and its members claim to be aliens from the unknown musical planet of "Voca," to sum up their impressive percussions.

The Voca People like everything from rock to pop, from Classic to hip-hop.

Director Lior Kalfo and music director Shay Fishman were initially in search of a very different vocal group, but were pleasantly surprised when they discovered The Voca People.

"The Voca People are eight aliens from the planet Voca," said Fishman in an earlier interview. "It's an unknown musical planet that the only language they use is music and sounds. Since they have no instruments on their planet, they developed special and unique skills of imitating sounds of instruments with their mouth and voices."

The Voca People credits include:

  • Created and Directed by: Lior Kalfo
  • Music arrangements and Musical Director: Shai Fishman
  • Producers: Revital & Lior Kalfo
  • International management: LIDOR PRODUCTIONS
  • Worldwide touring: Lida Doron
  • International Events: Leeorna Solomons
  • Sound engineer: Naor Ben Meir
  • Light designer: Roy Milo
  • Costumes designer: Doron Ashkenazi
  • Graphics and art: Deborah Siboni
  • Clips: Shlomi Albo and Peleg Netanel


  • Boaz Ben David: drums, didgeridoo, sound effects, percussions
  • Inon Ben David: drums, percussions, sound effect, scratching
  • Eyal Cohen: bass singer, tuba, bass guitar, acoustic bass, bagpipes
  • Cesare Adi: tenor singer, Guitars, percussions, trumpets, violins
  • Oded Goldshtein: bariton singer, guitars, percussions, saxophone, bagpipes
  • Adi Kozlovsky: Alt singer, guitars, violins, trumpets
  • Naama Levy: soprano singer, percussions, guitars, violins
  • Rachmin Liraz: Matzo soprano, percussion, guitars, trumpets, bagpipes, violins
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