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Second Cup Café: The Jonas Brothers

Their debut album is called "It's About Time." But at their age, the Jonas Brothers haven't had to wait decades for a big break.

The brothers from Wyckoff, N.J., visit the Second Cup Café to play songs from their album.

The Jonas Brothers are 17-year-old Kevin, 16-year-old Joseph and 13-year-old Nicholas. Kevin plays guitar and sings backup while Nicholas and Joseph trade off on lead vocals.

Growing up, the boys were influenced musically by their parents, both of whom are musicians. Family sing-a-longs were a frequent pastime in the household.

According to their official biography, Nicholas has been singing "every second of the day" since he was a toddler. He got his first big break when he was singing while getting a haircut in a local barbershop. A woman in the shop liked his voice so much that she referred him to an entertainment manager.

That chance meeting resulted in Nicholas planning a solo project for Daylight/Columbia records. But after label executives heard Nicholas perform with Joseph and Kevin, they decided to sign the three as the Jonas Brothers.

The boys wrote songs together for the project, something that Kevin says is a natural process. "It feels like the most natural thing we could be doing," he says. "When we write a song we get in a triangle. I start playing the chords that we've chosen over and over and then we'll keep going around in a circle until we have figured out the lyrics for our song."

Joseph believes that the group has a good long-term outlook because of their family ties. "We're brothers so it's not like if we got upset at each other that we can be like, 'Well I quit.' They're still my brothers. We love to do this, and we know we're going to keep doing for a very long time."

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