Second Cup Cafe: Marx & Scannell

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/producer Richard Marx and Vertical Horizon lead singer/songwriter/producer Matt Scannell are a musical match made in acoustic heaven. Their harmonies are beautifully crafted.

Both stellar vocalists and guitarists have had their own successes throughout their careers. Now the talented duo is teaming up again after their hit song, "Everything You Want."

Marx and Scannell stopped by The Early Show's Second Cup Café Saturday to perform songs from their new CD, "Duo."

"Duo" features 10 acoustic songs, including a brand new one, "Always On Your Mind," which they wrote together. Also on there are reinventions of mega-hits "Hazard," "Everything You Want" and "Endless Summer Nights," among others.

Marx started out as a soft-rock, adult contemporary artist, but has proven that, despite being known for his soft ballads, he has enough edge to veer into the classic rock genre.

Well-known for his hit songs in the '90s, such as "Endless Summer Nights," "Right Here Waiting" and "Should Have Known Better," he was the first solo artist to have seven songs hit the top five on U.S. charts.

Through the years, Marx, who is married and has three sons, has collaborated with some of the best artists on the scene as a writer/producer for Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, 98 Degrees, Kenny Loggins, Roch Voisine, Emerson Drive, Luther Vandross, Michael Bolton, NSYNC, Olivia Newton-John, Sarah Brightman, SheDaisy, John Farnham, and Vince Gill.

The very successful Vertical Horizon faced some highs and lows, especially when they lost their record deal, but with the release of "Go," they are reviving themselves.

One of Vertical Horizon's singles, "I'm Still Here" really says it all. And by the sound of it, Scannell teaming with Marx really brings his presence to the forefront, as well.

By Melissa Castellanos