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Second Cup Café: Joe Bonamassa

A lot of summer romances may have ended with the change in the season and it could make many want to sing the Blues.

But some may not have the vocal talent to sing their hearts out. That's not a problem because Joe Bonamassa has enough Blues to spare as he performs for The Saturday Early Show's Second Cup Café

At first glance, the 24-year-old doesn't seem to know much about the road to hard knocks, but Bonamassa has already worked with and gained acclaim from the likes of George Thorogood, John Lee Hooker, Gregg Allman and Phil Ramone.

He started playing guitar at age 4 and warmed up for B.B. King in New York at the age of 12.

Bonamassa currently has the No. 2 Blues album in the country, called "So, It's Like That" and he is coming off a tour with his mentor, B.B. King.

For Second Cup Café, he performs his singles, "Waiting for Me," "So It's Like That" and "If Heartaches Were Nickles."