Second Cup Café: Jason Mraz

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AP Photo/Ricardo Moraes
Young San Diego-based singer/songwriter Jason Mraz visited The Saturday Early Show to perform in the Second Cup Café with his three-piece acoustic band.

Mraz played a few singles, including "Remedy," from his debut album "Waiting for My Rocket To Come."

The artist is known for his crafty lyrics and energetic live performances. Some have categorized his music as jazz and folk, with a little reggae and hip hop mixed in. But in the end, critics say, his music is just plain intoxicating, with comparisons to the likes of John Mayer and Dave Matthews.

Mraz hails from Mechanicsville, Virginia. He left home for New York as a teenager to pursue his training in musical theatre. However, when he lost his passion for it, he returned to Mechanicsville. But soon, he realized he wanted to play the guitar.

He quit his day job in Mechanicsville and headed west to pursue songwriting in 1999. After a month in San Francisco, Mraz honed his intimate approach to audience building in the burgeoning coffee-shop scene of San Diego.

The songwriter of "Waiting For My Rocket To Come" says he wanted to write an album for the listener. But, he realizes the album is a lot more personal than he intended - taking listeners on a wild rocket ride.