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Second Cup Cafe: Girl Authority

If you've ever wondered what the Spice Girls were like in their tween years, you might have an answer in Girl Authority. The Boston-based group is made up of nine girls, ages 10 through 15, who sing their youthful versions of pop songs like Madonna's "Material Girl" and Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway."

They visit The Early Show to sing songs from their sophomore album, "Road Trip," released in March.

The girls already knew each other from various community theater programs when talent manager and executive producer Samantha Hammel selected them to be in the group. They released their self-titled first album in 2006.

Each girl in the group has a distinct personality and sings in a unique style. They are: Country Girl (Crystal) who loves country music; Party Girl (Kate) who is always up for a good time; Rock n' Roll Girl (Tarr) who has a fun-loving wild side; Urban Girl (Gina) who adores city life; Preppy Girl (Zoe) who is a cute schoolgirl; Boho Girl (Jess) who has all-natural flair; Glamour Girl (Carly) who is a young sophisticate; Fashion Girl (Alex) who is crazy for clothes; and All-Star Girl (Jacqueline) loves sports.

"Road Trip" is a collection of five original songs and 14 covers themed as a triptych across the U.S. with each group member visiting a different city.

The group's label, Rounder Records, announced in May that the girls have signed a deal with Porchlight Entertainment to develop a TV series, specials, Web site and direct-to-video programming, merchandising and an original book series for the tween-targeted singing group.