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Second Cup Cafe: Fyfe Dangerfield

British multi-instrumentalist Fyfe Dangerfield may have been born across the pond, but he got a career boost from a soulful singer from Long Island, N.Y. -- none other than the legendary Billy Joel.

Dangerfield, a critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, has already made a name for himself overseas after releasing his version of Joel's "She's Always a Woman," and is creating quite a buzz in the U.S.

He released his solo debut earlier this summer, called "Fly Yellow Moon," and stopped by "The Early Show on Saturday Morning"'s "Second Cup Cafe" to perform "She's Always a Woman" and his new single off of his new album, "She Needs Me."

When it comes to music, Dangerfield likes to explore new territory.

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He's the leader of highly-praised, Mercury Prize-nominated experimental art pop ensemble Guillemots (an indie rock band).

"Fly Yellow Moon's" first track, "When You Walk in the Room," was the single of the week on iTunes in the week starting March 15, 2010.

"Some songs stayed completely acoustic and bare, while others quickly transformed into something more iridescent, helped hugely by two fantastic drummer friends of mine -- Matt Ingram and Jamie Morrison -- who happened to be around, and both sprinkled non-literal gold-dust wherever they might beat," Dangerfield wrote on his Facebook page.

Even Hollywood stars have caught on to him and used his music as a crutch when facing heartbreak.

Actress Drew Barrymore mentions Dangerfield's "When You Walk In The Room" as the the song that has most helped her over a breakup, in the September issue of Spin Magazine.

How did the Billy Joel connection happen?

Dangerfield was actually asked to record a version of Joel's "She's Always A Woman" for a United Kingdom John Lewis AD. His spin on the song won the hearts of viewers and put Joel back on the charts, 33 years after his song was recorded.

According to Dangerfield's bio, he was born in 1980 in Birmingham, England, moved to Bromsgrove at the age of 8 and studied at Bromsgrove School. He was also music teacher at Cranbrook College for a brief period.

He's known for his live performances, which thrill audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

"She Needs Me" is selling for $5 on Amazon during August.

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