Second Cup Café: David Gray

You hear it all the time in the music business that "it takes years to become an overnight success."

British singer/songwriter David Gray can attest to that. He was honing his craft for more than a decade before he released his multi-platinum album, "White Ladder," in 1999.

That album, with the hit "Babylon," is the biggest selling, non-compilation album in Ireland's history. It helped make David Gray an American sensation, with more than two million albums sold in the United States. The album also earned him a Grammy nomination.

Now, Gray is promoting a sixth album, "A New Day at Midnight," and he made a stop at The Saturday Early Show's Second Cup Cafe to perform his hit," "Babylon," along with some new songs, including "The Other Side."

For the new album, David Gray teamed with song writing partner Clune, and studio visionary Iestyn Polson. Several songs were inspired by the death of Gray's father, and the album reflects the themes of mortality and how death affects those left behind.