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Second Cup Café: Bond

Bond, an all-female string quartet from Australia and Britain, is known as the Spice Girls of classical music.

The musicians call their sound "classically influenced pop music with a world beat," and their crossover CDs have sold 3.7 million copies worldwide.

Bond is touring America in a giant bus carrying 12 people. So far every show they've performed has been sold out.

Their third CD, "Classified," is more classically influenced then the first two.

The band chose the name Bond as they were all watching the James Bond film "Dr. No" together. They decided to do something Bond-esque on the first CD. They also decided that Bond would be a good name for the quartet, partly because it's a play on words because of their close friendship.

Bond plays "Explosive," "Samba" and "Hungarian" on The Saturday Early Show Second Cup Café.

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