Sebastien Bellin's emotional reunion with correspondent Ketevan Kardava

Bombing survivor meets the woman who took his photo and posted it online after the attacks at the Brussels airport

Sebastien Bellin almost lost his life during the Marsh 22, 2016, Brussels Airport bombings. Ketevan Kardava - a foreign correspondent from the country of Georgia - snapped a photo of him on the ground that was circulated around the world, and is a lasting image of the aftermath of terrorism. 

The CBC was there for their emotional reunion just days after the attacks. Watch the video below:

CBC unites Brussels attack victim with woman who took his photo

Ketevan Kardava took photos of the immediate aftermath of the Brussels attacks one week ago today. Her photo of basketball player Sebastien Bellin and his seriously damaged legs stayed with her. Here, CBC brings them together for the first time.

Posted by CBC News on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kardava had been checking in for her flight when the bombing occurred.  

“I saw many passengers with their legs blown up,” she said.

“I took only 12 pictures, and I had only one minute. So 12 pictures in a minute. …I call them my photo heroes,” Kardava said. “It was very terrible to realize what has happened.”

And [the] first photo, I posted, it was a photo of Sebastien,” she said. “For me, it was most important to show everyone … as many say, is the face of terrorism.”