Seattle police officer pulls car over, helps deliver baby

A Seattle police officer got more than he expected when pulled over a car that had been running red lights. Inside the vehicle was an expectant mother and a frantic father who told the officer his partner was in labor.

"Let me go, I can make it man, let me go," pleaded the father.

But the officer said it'd be safer -- and faster -- to wait for an ambulance that was en route. The baby, though, had made up its mind.

The dashcam captured the sound of the new, crying baby. But moments later the baby stopped crying because it couldn't breathe.

The father of the baby girl that was born in the backseat of car after being pulled over by a Seattle police officer CBS News

That's when the officer sprang into action and cleared the baby's throat. An ambulance took mom and her new daughter to the hospital.

The father sent Seattle Police a thank you note, saying "you have helped deliver a precious gift and we are so grateful."

To see the dashcam footage watch the video at the top of the page.