Seattle Cops: Naked rampage fueled by coke, meth, LSD


SEATTLE, WA. - Authorities in Seattle arrested a man on a nude, drug-induced rampage throughout several neighborhoods in the city on Tuesday night, reports CBS Seattle.

Police reports say that a man in his thirties was seen damaging cars with rocks wearing nothing but a white t-shirt.

When the police showed up, the man had allegedly pulled out patches of his hair. Authorities say when they questioned him about his identity, he replied with a fake name and attempted to flee. Officers pursued him as he continued to throw rocks and remove the rest of his clothing, according to the station.

The man was reportedly found lying on the ground naked in a planting strip a half mile away. Upon questioning, he told authorities that he was on cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, and other identified drugs, reports CBS Seattle.

The man was in custody, although charges had not been filed, the station says.